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4 Terrible Personal Security Weapons

Posted By:  |  July 30, 2013  |  2 Comment(s)


Have you ever watched a ninja-type movie with lots of fight scenes and found yourself pretend fighting (failing at mimicking the martial arts) by yourself after the movie? I have.
I was a huge fan of Teenage-Mutant-Ninja-Turtles, 3-Ninjas, and other actions movies growing up. I would think to myself, “I hope someone tries to come at me or break into my house, they’ll be sorry — HI-YA!!” Oh the naivety of adolescence. I’d like to offer some advice to those using the movies as inspiration for their home security systems. Here are 4 weapons that look cool in movies but are ultimately useless in real-life situations (without expert training):

Throwing stars

The infamous throwing star also known as shuriken, for any average person, is completely impractical and worthless. Throwing stars are traditionally used as distractions and not killing methods. Throwing stars take a lot of practice to become effective and even then are extremely difficult to use in real-life home invasion circumstances. Don’t believe me? Take a sewing needle and try to hit a fly with it, using throwing stars against invaders is about the same.

Throwing knives

Throwing knives have several issues that make them extremely ineffective in home security issues. First, throwing knives take a lot of practice to use. Using throwing knives to hit a moving target becomes even more difficult and almost impossible to make a kill shot. Second, throwing knives are rendered useless depending on the clothing of your attacker. Heavy coats and multiple layers of clothing become a shield for your attacker against throwing knives. Forget about head shots, you’ll have a better chance using your bare hands. Third, even if you hit your attacker (non-kill shot) with a throwing knife what’s stopping them from pulling the knife out and continuing their attack?


Do I really need to explain why a blowgun is an ineffective weapon against attackers? Again, blowguns require an extreme amount of skill and practice to become useful; even then, blowguns are useless beyond 10 feet. Here’s my advice: don’t use a blow gun. Just don’t.


Unless you really know what you’re doing with a sword don’t use one. Most people tend to swing swords as if they’re baseball bats making each swing extremely predictable and easy to counter.

If you find yourself in a bad situation, please avoid these weapons. If you can’t run, use your hands or find a solid object with which to hit your assailant. Please leave a comment below and let me know any other ineffective weapons for home security.

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