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Celebrity Break-ins

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Who: Steve Jobs – Co-founder of Apple Inc.

When: August 2012
The Story: An intruder walked into Steve’s home when it was being renovated and no one was there.
What: $60,000 worth of jewelry, his ID, 3 iPods, 3 iPads, 1 Apple television box, 2 iPhones, 1 Mac mini and 1 Macbook.
Image credit to: Matthew Yohe

Who: Sylvester Stallone – Actor, screenwriter and director

When: August 2010
The Story: The intruder didn’t have intentions of stealing Stallone’s property, instead he was trying to impress Stallone with his martial arts skills. The burglar knocked out the security dog at the house and started performing moves and exercises in Stallone’s front yard. A security guard eventually caught him, and the famous actor wasn’t even home.
What: Nothing
Image credit to: Gage Skidmore

Who: Orlando Bloom – Actor

When: July 2009
The Story: Burglars broke into Orlando Bloom’s home when he was out of town.
What: $500,000 worth of jewelry, watches, designer handbags and clothing.
Image credit to: Bitte bei Bildverwendung auch Link setzen

Who: Lindsay Lohan – Actress, model and fashion designer

When: May 2009
The Story: A small group of people tried getting into Lindsay’s home, but were scared off by the alarm.
What: The burglars would have gotten away with $130,000 worth of jewelry and clothes.
Image credit to: Toglenn

Who: Willem Dafoe – Actor

When: May 2011
The Story: Intruders used mountain climbing gear and ropes to climb into Willem Dafoe’s apartment.
What: $3,000 worth of merchandise.
Image credit to: Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer’s photos via Getty Images Paris

Who: Paris Hilton – Television personality and model

When: Five times within three months starting in October 2008
The Story: Burglars walked into the home with a key found underneath the front door mat.
What: $2 million worth of jewelry and designer clothes, alcohol, cash and expensive bras.
Image credit to: Glenn Francis

Who: Audrina Patridge – Television personality

When: February 2009 – night of the Academy Awards
The Story: Audrina posted the surveillance camera recordings to her blog and wrote about theft and crime.
What: Almost $43,000 worth of clothing, electronics and jewelry were stolen including personal items like family heirlooms and her passport.
Image credit to: The Heart Truth

Who: Tyler Perry – Actor, director and songwriter

When: April 2010
The Story: Tyler was a victim of identity theft and had his credit cards stolen.
What: Approximately $30,000 in charges were made to the cards.
Image credit to: Sgt. Michael Connors

Who: Kirsten Dunst – Actress, singer and model

When: Aug 1007
The Story: Her penthouse suite was broken into while filming one of her movies.
What: $2,500 in cash, electronics, credit cards and a $13,000 handbag.
Image credit to: David Shankbone

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