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Is Nest Hurting Home Security Companies?

Posted By:  |  November 4, 2013  |  2 Comment(s)

Nest home security

Nest has been one of the most successful companies in America. It has received an amazing amount of growth since its launch, and evidently has no interest in slowing down. Two years ago, Nest made thermostats “cool”. Tony Fadell, creator of the iPod, is the man behind the Nest thermostat. The engineers and Fadell wanted to bring a “connected” home idea to homes all across America. He wanted to make a realistic product that doesn’t charge any monthly fees thus creating one of the most successful products today.

Now Nest has announced their next venture: The Smoke Detector.

It’s called the Nest Protect and it’s a rounded square with a button in the middle that’s elegantly surrounded by LED’s. Whenever there is an emergency, it tells you with an alarm and a voice saying “Emergency, there is smoke in the living room.” Which will change depending on the situation. To turn it off you simply face it, and wave. The idea is that finding a chair, stool, or ladder to turn off the annoying noise is actually quite dangerous. So they chose to present a solution.

The solution, while technologically advancing, might hurt some home security companies. Most home security companies are seeing that Nest as a company tends to tread on their territory. The thermostat that Nest offered included features that home security companies like Smith Monitoring has had for years now. The Nest “protect” might even give their customers a false sense of protection.

The Nest Protect offers a sleek look, and an alarm that isn’t “annoying”, says Maxime Vernon – Director of Product Marketing. When in all reality the “annoying” sound is the exactly what saves lives.

There comes a point and time where you have to disregard style and artistic compliments to get the job done at a more effective level.

At the end of the day, to answer the question – Is Nest Hurting Home Security Companies? The answer is yes. And it will continue to hurt home security companies unless they add features and perfect the features they already have managed to hone in on.

Smith Monitoring has been at the forefront for that technology. Rarely do you find a company that mixes efficiency and technology quite like Smith. The company’s latest offering, Geo-fencing, is an innovative approach to Home Automation that clearly separates Smith from most of their competitors, including Nest. Geo-fencing technology not only offers users remote control of their home using their smartphone, but also reacts to where you are and how close you are to your home. If you want to make sure your lights and A/C are on when you get close to home, Smith Monitoring has that feature covered.

Ultimately, Nest will continue to compete with home security companies. But at the end of the day, Nest is not a security company and it will be realized as an inferior brand when compared to the protective and innovative home security brands that actually uphold the standards that have saved lives for generations, and will continue to do so as gimmicks come and go.

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This article was written by James McNulty. James is a writer and SEO Manager for Smith Monitoring. Keep up with him on Twitter.

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