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Security Innovations: Smart Home Integration

Posted By:  |  December 20, 2013  |  0 Comment(s)

Today, security systems are equipped to offer customers a level of peace that was never possible until only the past decade. And in fact, the difference between what they were and what they are today has little to do with how well they actually deter and report home invasions. Instead, the real game changer has been how well our home monitoring keeps us in the loop – no matter where we are or what devices we use.

Smart phone and computer integration

In addition to indoor climate control and lighting, home security control is one of several facets that are controllable remotely via smart phone applications. Provided a home is equipped with compatible equipment, homeowners can adjust their system, turn on their lights, and even lock their doors from anywhere in the world (effectively eliminating the inconvenience of ever losing your keys.) Some applications allow customers to tune in to their home monitoring system’s feeds to get a live view of their properties.

This feature can be particularly useful when mobile alarms are activated. Automatic alarms can be sent to customers when their registered alarms respond to a home invasion. Not only does this make responding to alarms easier than ever, but it also works when it becomes necessary to report false alarms. If you have a sudden visitor at your property who needs access to your house, your phone can also work to deactivate your system – which is another great way to make sure that your alarm only goes off when it needs to.

While a convenience for any household, this is especially useful for households in which people come and go in irregular schedules. Automated arming schedules can be helpful for homes where routines are fairly consistent, but business oriented and on-call individuals can greatly benefit from being able to arm and disarm their property to make sure their system is on guard when it needs to be.

Live event history feeds

Depending on which elements of your home are compatible with your security system, you can also use mobile devices to check a live event history of your house. Whether you’re searching for unauthorized access on your property or looking up to whether or not someone in the house is using the thermostat, being able to access a live feed of the events of your home is an incredibly useful way to determine the happenings at your property without obsessive oversight.

This can be a great way on checking the comings and goings of deliverymen, servicemen, or even babysitters on your property when you’re not available to supervise their activities. In addition to keeping a tighter watch on your property, this event history is also an invaluable resource on determining your home’s energy consumption and adjusting your habits accordingly.

While home security was once an issue that required blind faith and unshakeable confidence in their security measures, the transparency provided by these innovations have transformed customers’ expectations. In the past, simply investing in the right equipment and wishing for the best was the most that a homeowner can do. With modern day equipment, your home’s safety never boils down to this kind of guesswork.

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Zach Trupp is a writer with SafeMart, a security provider based in Kansas who serves security solutions nationwide. Zachary also enjoys writing about survival, self-defense, and emergency preparedness.

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