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The Problem with Door-to-Door Salespeople (and how to stop them)

Posted By:  |  August 19, 2013  |  1 Comment(s)

door to door sales

Enter a quick search for door-to-door sales and Google will return with a myriad of nightmarish stories from upset consumers across America. In addition, DIY home security companies like Front Point Security write pieces knocking (no pun intended) door-to-door salespeople’s tactics without hesitation. While door-to-door salespeople may be annoying, here are three of the real reasons people don’t like door-to-door salespeople:


Scores of individuals across the United States have in one way or another been hustled or outright scammed by fake home security reps. The “Nigerian king” email has taken a life of its own and reincarnated itself into a fake home security salesperson. Fake salespeople are putting on uniforms and knocking on people’s door offering security systems they don’t have. Homeowners are purchasing these systems, paying up front, and never receiving a single piece of equipment. And while homeowners are being duped left and right their neighbors are paying close attention and learning from their mistakes.

How to stop it: Don’t be too hastey to purchase home security equipment from salespeople at your door. Ask for identification and security licensing. If you’re truly interested in purchasing equipment, research the companies online to find the reputable company that fits your needs.

Pushy, pushy, pushy

Some salespeople are the masters of prepositions, “” sometimes they just don’t have an off button. It’s one thing to encounter a pushy salesperson in the store (because you asked for it by going to the store) but it’s a completely different story when the salesperson shows up unannounced and won’t give it a rest.

How to stop it: Wait for a polite moment to end the conversation and gently close the door. Yes, this may seem like an abrasive gesture but remember you’re not obligated to entertain an announced visitor trying to solicit a product.

Buyer’s remorse

Salespeople show up at random homes with the hopes of making them customers. Sometimes their efforts work. Door-to-door sales typically take less than 30 minutes to close. That means, within 30 minutes a homeowner who didn’t have the disposition to purchase a home security system, changed their mind and jumped. Often times these quick sales lead to what’s known as “buyer’s remorse”. Buyer’s remorse is the sense of regret after having made a purchase. It may stem from fear of making the wrong choice, guilt over extravagance, or a suspicion of having been overly influenced by the seller.

How to stop it: Don’t rush into purchasing a system at your doorstep. If you’re truly interested in purchasing the home security system from the dealer, ask them to return the next day. This gives you time to do some research online about the company and its home security system. Purchase the home security system the next day, if you’re satisfied with the reputation of dealer and quality of the system.

Door-to-door salespeople are full force during the summer months. Use these tips to help make better decisions and ward off any unwanted solicitors. Please leave a comment below with any other suggestions or tips!

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