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Top 10 Home Security Companies (Insider Information)

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It can be really tiring scouring the web to find the best home security companies and information pertinent to making a decision. That’s why we wanted to make it super simple at (BHSC) for people to find the best security companies as well as relevant information about those companies. Each home security company review is tackled by leading industry experts, like Robert Siciliano. They dive into the nitty gritty details of each company to find information that matters.

Truth is BHSC offers information that most home security companies don’t want you to know. We find details like contract length, true monthly pricing, equipment costs, and contract details. Our goal is to inform and arm consumers with powerful information that will help them make the best decisions. Here are the top 10 home security companies ranked on BHSC and some insider information:

BHSC Top 10 Home Security Companies - 2013 top 10 companies and their rankings.

BHSC Ranking 2013 Company BHSC Overall Score Monthly Price Contract Length BBB Rating Visit Site
#1 Protect America 9.6 $19.99 36-months A- Visit site
#2 LifeShield Security 9.1 $29.99 36-months B+ Visit site
#3 Guardian Protection 9.0 $29.95 36-months A- Visit site
#4 FrontPoint Security 8.2 $34.99 36-months B+ Visit site
#5 ADT 7.5 $36.99 36-months B+ Visit site
#6 ADS Security 7.4 $42.95 60-months A+ Visit site
#7 Ackerman Security 6.9 $18.99 Month-to-month A+ Visit site
#8 Monitronics 6.3 $34.95 36-months A+ Visit site
#9 Alarmco Inc. 6.3 $35 36-months A+ Visit site
#10 SimpliSafe 6.2 $14.99 Month-to-month A+ Visit site

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