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Top 10 Home Security Companies Ranked by Residential Customers

Posted By:  |  June 10, 2013  |  0 Comment(s)

Each year SDM releases it’s top 100 home security companies ranked by customer base, revenue, employees, and locations. There are thousands of home security companies and dealers making it almost impossible to make a truly informed decision. The SDM 100 helps put the best companies into context by showing their ability to service large customer pools and consistently grow their companies without sacrificing quality. While the SDM 100 is not a perfect model to base a purchase decision, it acts as a starting point. Here are the top 10 companies ranked by their residential customer pools:

10. Security Networks

Residential subscribers: 120,000
Total subscribers: 126,000

9. ASG Security

Residential subscribers: 121,755
Total subscribers: 163,430

8. Protect America Inc.

Residential subscribers: 131,010
Total subscribers: 131,010

7. Central Security Group, Inc.

Residential subscribers: 140,053
Total subscribers: 150,595

6. Vector Security Inc.

Residential subscribers: 211,466
Total subscribers: 250,757

5. Guardian Protection Services

Residential subscribers: 228,802
Total subscribers: 251,985

4. Slomins Inc.

Residential subscribers: 263,113
Total subscribers: 282,917

3. Protection 1

Residential subscribers: 402,000
Total subscribers: 1,585,000

2. Monitronics International

Residential subscribers: 550,000
Total subscribers: 610,844

1. Vivint Inc.

Residential subscribers: 572,897
Total subscribers: 572,892

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