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Top 6 DIY Home Security Companies

Posted By:  |  June 4, 2013  |  3 Comment(s)


Home security technology is constantly changing. One of the hottest trends is the do-it-yourself (DIY) home security system. DIY home security systems are wireless and require no drilling or intensive installation procedures. Homeowners and renters are flocking to the DIY system for its easy of use and installation. Better yet owners can move the system to new locations without fees or hassle. DIY home security systems have changed the game, in particular, for renters. In years past, renters were often unable to procure home security systems because of the installation process. DIY home security systems use magnets and 3M command strips to make installation a breeze. Here are the top 10 companies that offer DIY home security systems to customers:

6. Front Point

System: GE Simon XT
Contract length: 36 months
Monthly monitoring price: Starting at $34.95 and up

Front Point has done an incredible job branding itself across the web. A quick Google search will yield scores of positive customer reviews across dozens of web sites. Front Point offers the GE Simon XT with the industry standard of three door/window sensors, control panel, and one motion detector.

5. SafeMart

System: GE Simon XTi, GE Simon XT, Honeywell Lynx Touch L5000
Contract length: 12 months
Monthly monitoring price: Starting at $9.95 and up

SafeMart is an awesome choice for customers looking for selection. SafeMart offers a wide array of DIY home security systems and professional install systems. While you may not get a dozen window/door sensors in the standard package, SafeMart offers extremely competitive and affordable monitoring prices.


System: GE Simon XTi, GE Simon XT, Honeywell Lynx Touch L5000, 2GIG
Contract length: 36 months
Monthly monitoring price: Starting at $20 and up

Don’t let GEO ARM’s web site fool you. This home security company offers some of the best equipment in the industry coupled with some of the best monitoring prices. GEO ARM is truly an economical choice for the budget-conscious consumer.

3. SimpliSafe

System: SimpliSafe
Contract length: No contract
Monthly monitoring price: Starting at $14.99 and up

SimpliSafe is pioneering the DIY home security sector. They offer the standard home security equipment package (3 sensors etc.) but they don’t lock customers into contracts and they have extremely affordable prices. However we must note that their equipment is manufactured in China and does not have the same reputation and trust as larger companies like GE and Honeywell.

2. LifeShield

System: LifeShield
Contract length: 36 months
Monthly monitoring price: Starting at $29.99 and up

LifeShield is constantly innovating. LifeShield recently released its HomeScreen touchpad with the LifeView application. The control panel is an android powered tablet that has the ability to control the entire system with the swipe of a finger. Like the other companies, LifeShield also offers the industry standard equipment package.

1. Protect America

System: GE Simon XT
Contract length: 36 months
Monthly monitoring price: Starting at $19.99 and up

Protect America uses high quality, high grade equipment in its DIY home security systems. The systems are shipped directly to the consumer in an extremely functional box with easy-to-understand instructions. Unlike other home security companies Protect America offers a whopping 15 door/window sensors in its Platinum package. That’s a whole lot of protection for a little price.

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