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Authorized ADT dealerships Lack Trust

Posted By:  |  September 17, 2014  |  2 Comment(s)


Many people across the country rely on their home security systems to protect their families and valuables. (BHSC) created a new survey to better understand the decision process people have when buying home security systems. This survey specifically targets consumers regarding buying home security systems from ADT dealerships.

BHSC created this survey to better understand consumer needs and insights regarding home security purchasing options. The survey asked the question, “Would you buy a home security system from an authorized ADT dealership?”

The survey produced 1,013 responses. The results are as follows with their relative percentages:

A. No, I don’t trust them-32.7 percent
B. Depends on the price-27.6 percent
C. No, I’d rather buy from ADT directly-18.6 percent
D. Depends on the dealership-14.0 percent
E. Yes, they sell the same systems-7.1 percent

While the response “No, I don’t trust them” is the majority, it does not have a large advantage. “Depends on the price,” with 27.6 percent, closely tails.

“I thought the answer would be more clear,” Public Relations Director Carlie McKeon said. “It shows that while the majority of consumers don”t trust them, the advantage is so small. ADT dealerships have the ability to change that perception.”

The BHSC team found another interesting insight in this survey. For every possible answer, the male-female ratio was almost an even 50-50. Both men and women felt similarly about every response; there was no clear difference between answers.

According to the BHSC team, this survey gives an opportunity for ADT dealerships to capitalize on these findings. It was only a slight advantage that consumers like they are not trustworthy. ADT dealerships should further delve into this area and make some internal changes to increase their trustworthiness factor.

“This is an opportunity for ADT dealerships to turn this survey around,” McKeon said. “They should look as this positively and a way to improve.”

ADT Dealerships have the position to use these results to improve their businesses and consumer experiences. take real consumer reviews and combine it with their own expert criteria to form honest reviews of companies. Their expert criterion consists of specific factors relating to the home security industry.

The BHSC team believes the more honest a review is, the more it will help consumers.

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