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Cocoon is a Smart Home Security Device that uses Infrasonic Sound to Detect an Intruder

Posted By:  |  November 6, 2014  |  0 Comment(s)

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There is currently no shortage of ‘smart’ security devices for your home.

These consumer home security devices usually consist of an Internet-connected camera, combined with motion detection and a supporting cloud service and smartphone app to ping you when a potential intruder is detected. However, Cocoon is adding ‘infrasound’ into the mix.

By ‘listening’ to infrasonic sound waves combined with machine learning, the device claims to be able to monitor an entire home, including detecting intruders through closed doors and in rooms in the home other than the one where the Cocoon is situated.

“We believe that traditional home security doesn’t work. Most people in the UK/US don’t have a home alarm system because it’s expensive and complicated. Those that do, find that they forget to set their alarm or are worried about false alarms disturbing their neighbors or receiving call-out charges from the police,” said Dan Conlon, co-founder of Cocoon. “We believe that there is a smarter, more accessible way to deliver home security. Our SUBSOUND technology allows a user to protect a typical home with a single, simple device whilst machine learning algorithms learn what is normal for your home to reduce false alarms. Smartphone alerts deliver actionable information to you enabling you to take meaningful action. We’re putting people at the heart of home security.”

The Cocoon device packs a traditional motion sensor, microphone and HD camera with night vision and wide angle lens. Should unusual activity be detected, you are pinged on your smartphone and can stream live audio and video to check out the scene for yourselves.

Cocoon uses geofencing to enable you to know if any household members are home so as to eliminate false positives. As to whether or not a single Cocoon can really listen to and protect an entire house, that should be treated with skepticism.

The company says it has several working prototypes already being beta tested in the wild, and that it’s raising on IndieGoGo to gauge consumer demand and fund a first production run.

The Cocoon team has extensive start up experience and they have worked together to successfully deliver various products and services.

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