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Essential Home Safety Rules You Must Teach Your Kids

Posted By:  |  April 23, 2014  |  0 Comment(s)


Home is where our children learn, grow, live and play. Home security is an important factor when it comes to raising and caring for a family. It’s extremely important to teach your kids about safety within the home so they can always be aware and protect themselves at all times. While some kids may be a bit young to take all the safety skills and tips in, older siblings can learn and pass on these techniques once their parents have made everything clear to them. Set your home up for safety at all times and you’ll have a reduced chance of accidents, injuries and emergencies. Here are some essential home security and safety rules that you must teach your kids from the get go.

A Go-To Emergency List

This is very important when it comes to providing your kids with the information they need during an emergency. Make a list of all essential phone numbers such as police, fire, poison control, emergency contact cell phone numbers for all family members and so forth. Make sure you show your kids the list and go through it all with them so they know who to call when an emergency happens. Also make sure to put the list in a place that everyone can see it and find it.

Keep Water Away at all Times

Young kids should not be left near water. Make sure your older kids know this and are aware of the dangers that can happen when any smaller child is left near water. This includes pools, hot tubs, pails of water, sinks etc. It takes only seconds for a drowning to happen and while you don’t want to scare them too much with those details, they need to know how dangerous water can be.

Chemicals and Cleaning Materials Should Be Kept Away

Make sure you have a dedicated and secure cabinet for cleaning materials and chemicals. If you have toddlers, teach your older kids to put cleaning materials away after doing chores or cleaning up school projects. This is extremely important because there are numerous poisonings every year due to carelessness.

Open Door Policy

Kids need to know about answering the door and what to do. Little ones really shouldn’t be answering doors, but if they do for some reason, you want them to be aware that strangers are on the other side. Teach them to ask who it is and tell the person to please wait. Then teach them that they should return to you and tell you someone is there. Teach your kids to never open the door without getting you first.

Fire Prevention and Home Fire Safety

This is one of the most important things you can teach your kids. Teach them about fire prevention and how easily a lit flame can start a house fire. Keep them away from lighters and matches at all times. Make sure your child knows that they shouldn’t cook or use the stove or oven unless you’re right there with them. Tell them how easily grease fires can start a house fire. Teach kids to avoid electrical outlets and plugs and tuck away cords as much as possible. Make sure you have a home fire plan which includes dropping to the floor, holding a cloth over the mouth to avoid inhalation and avoiding hot door knobs and exits when this happens. For older kids, you can also teach them how to use an extinguisher.

There are so many safety tips and home security essentials you need to teach your kids, but start with these ones. Teach them a new one each week so they can absorb it all. The more kids know, the less chances there are of an injury or an emergency, so keep your kids aware at all times.

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