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iSmartAlarm Now Available

Posted By:  |  October 27, 2014  |  0 Comment(s)

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Home security is a tricky business.

Professional systems can be expensive, to say nothing of the monthly monitoring costs, and camera-based systems are a hassle to install, and not a great deterrent if the thief does not know they are being “caught on camera.”

Somewhere in the middle lies a new generation of Internet-and app-savvy DIY solutions. Best Buy has the iSmartAlarm Preferred Package wireless system.

This system was intended for smaller homes but very scalable for larger ones. The bundle includes two door/window sensors, two remote tags, a motion sensor, a pair of window stickers, which are the best deterrent money can buy, and the CubeOne central hub/siren.

Better still the system requires no contracts or monthly fees. Everything is controlled via Android or iOS app. It also has two remotes which actually disarm the system faster and easier.

If something triggers an alarm you get a text message telling you that a sensor has been triggered and an automated phone call. The systems does not however call the local police, which can be a savings in itself for those who have frequent “false alarms”. You will be able to decide for yourself if it is necessary to call in the troops for help.

If you have a small home and want a sophisticated, but very affordable security system, this one should get a close look.

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