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Keep Your Windows Safe from Thieves with These Basic Tricks

Posted By:  |  April 30, 2014  |  0 Comment(s)


When it comes to home security, even the smallest measure can make a big difference. Making sure that certain small mechanisms are in place can be the difference between being safe and being a robbery victim. Aside from doors, windows are the second-favorite entry point for thieves. Let’s see what you can do to keep them from entering your home!

Make it Harder for Thieves to Open Sliding Windows

Doors for patios and sliding windows can be removed of their frames quite easily. You probably do it quite often when cleaning them. However, this can be done just as well by someone else, from the outside. Thankfully, you can do something about it. Simply drive a couple of screws into the track at the top. The spot you’re looking for is where the window (or door) is when it’s closed. Remember to leave about a quarter of an inch of the screw head out. This will make it impossible for thieves to lift the window up when it`s closed.

Don`t Leave Double Hung Windows as a Double Risk

Double hung windows can be secured quite easily, as well. Start by drilling a tiny hole, and make sure it goes through both the frame and the casing of the window. Then, slide in a nail in that hole. Before doing so, make sure to paint it so that it matches the color of the window. Positioning a nail that runs through the frame and casing will prevent intruders from being able to lift double hung windows.

Don`t Leave Basement Windows Out

The windows of your basement are the hardest to secure. Their location makes them a perfect entry point and a home security challenge. Start by installing break-resistant glass to reduce your windows’ vulnerability. You can also add locks, or even pins, to secure the window to its frame. If you want to be absolutely certain that thieves can’t enter through your basement windows though, security bars are your best option.

Other Types of Windows Might Need Special Locks

If you have casement or awning windows, you will need to invest in special locks. These locks are created to stop these types of windows from being opened. Some types will ensure that the handle of your window cannot be turned. Other types will simply secure the window to its frame. Out of these two types, the most secure one is the one that fastens the window to its frame. Check with your local hardware store for a sturdy lock.

With a few simple safety measures, you can make your house less appealing for robbers to enter. Taking proper care of your windows secures an easy entry point. Thieves will have a far more difficult time entering your home through a secured window, and this will cause them to think twice about breaking into your premises. Windows are particularly vulnerable entry points, which is why a good home security plan will include these highly effective safety measures.

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