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Light Fixture that Doubles as a Home Security System

Posted By:  |  November 10, 2014  |  0 Comment(s)

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Multiple features coming together is one of the may things that has made smartphones so useful. Now the industry is trying to do the same things with the home security camera.

Cameras are being built into devices that watch all sorts of things, like the temperature in your house, or if you need to change the air filter in your furnace. Kuna is making a home monitoring camera-plus-intercom built into an outdoor light fixture.

Kuna’s solution is to combine a streaming video camera like a Dropcam with an outdoor light. It will have a speaker and microphone, so you can use it as a two way intercom. Using Kuna’s app you can turn on and off the lights on a schedule or when something or someone trips its motion detector.

Most home security systems have gone on theĀ inside while Kuna is concentrating on the outside. Co-founder and CEO Sai-Wai Fu says that all the action is on the outside. He sights studies that show that most home robberies begin with people coming to the front door to see if anyone is home.

“They’ll knock, then if they don’t hear anything, they’ll try the back door,” said Fu. “We learned from that pattern that it’s called ‘probable concern,’ and you can call the police and the police will come. You don’t have to wait until he or she has busted something.”

Using that logic if you have two Kuna cameras set up to watch a front and back door, the company’s software will automatically send a high priority alert when it sees this happening.

Kuna is part of an Indiegogo fundraising campaign and sells for $99, bundled with a $5 per month service that lets you save footage to the cloud.

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