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MyFox Security Systems Debuts at CES

Posted By:  |  January 16, 2015  |  0 Comment(s)

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MyFox, the European home security company debuted a brand new system specifically for the US consumer.

The focus is the DIY simplicity, privacy and prevention. In theory, the MyFox system can help you prevent a crime before it happens. Many DIY smart systems have sensors on the doors and windows that alert you if a window or door is opened.

The MyFox sensors go a step further and sense vibrations as well, so if a crook is attempting to forcefully enter your home MyFox will sense it and sound an alarm.

The MyFox system has a camera with a 130 degree field of view that can remotely open and close the shutter. If you are concerned with privacy when you are home you can simply close the shutter.

It also has night vision, a two way audio and motion detection. The camera costs about $200 and will be available for purchase in the second quarter of 2015. A whole security kit can be purchased in addition to the camera for $300.

The kit includes the vibration sensors, siren, hub and key fob for easily disarming the system. If the vibration sensors really work this will be a great way for MyFox to differentiate itself from the rest of the DIY home security pack.

MyFox also includes a battery backup in both its camera and its smart home starter kit. If your WiFi goes out the MyFox can scan the neighborhood for another MyFox system and piggyback off of them until your WiFi feed is back.

MyFox might be clever enough to earn a place in your home while keeping crooks out if the system works as promised. MyFox will keep crime on the outside and keep the consumer inside happy.

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