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Security System Tricks Burglars Into Thinking Someone’s Home Washing Dishes

Posted By:  |  June 10, 2015  |  0 Comment(s)


“Flare” is an efficient home security device created by BuddyGuard. This is a small compact system, it looks similar to a smoke alarm, that contains all the necessary alarms to help keep the house secure.

No passcode is needed because it is an independent working device. The Flare can detect when someone leaves the building so it does not have to be notified when it needs to start turning on the features to help secure the house. Once Flare sets the sensors and motion detectors the house is secure. If there is a suspected burglar the speaker will begin to make noises. The noises it emits are talking people or someone washing dishes. The purpose of the human like noises is to trick the burglar into thinking that the home is occupied. If the trespasser continues into the house an alarm will sound and alert the contacts it contains.

Flare recognizes the resident as they are leaving and as they are coming home as well. The system has facial recognition features so the  alarm will not sound when returning home. Once home the system can go into standby mode so the resident does not have the feeling of being watched. The system also has a capability to recognize animals. This is a convenient feature so that the pet dog or cat will not sound the alarm.

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