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Suit Alleges ADT Wireless Security Systems Can Be “Easily Hacked”

Posted By:  |  January 28, 2015  |  0 Comment(s)


An article that appeared in Forbes magazine made the comment that with a simple software defined radio (SDR) hackers can detect when doors are opened and closed.

A $10 radio allows hackers to infiltrate ADT security systems, ┬ácompromising the so called “peace of mind” the service offers, a federal class action suit alleges.

The complaint filed by Dale Baker says the residential and small business customers of ADT Security Services are far less safe that ADT leads them to believe.

Customers sign a three year agreement when they purchase equipment that relies on “unencrypted and unauthenticated” wireless signals. Bakers says hackers can exploit these flaws to disable the system, cause false alarms to go off and even use the system’s own cameras to spy on people.

The lawsuit points to an article in Forbes magazine that a simple software defined radio (SDR) allows hackers to detect when doors are opened and closed.

With a more complicated SDR they can manipulate the system, according the the complaint. Baker’s home security system was allegedly hacked twice, both times triggering an alarm that let to the police being called.

Baker contends that ADT knows that its systems are vulnerable to intrusion. The class action suit seeks an injunction requiring ADT to change its marketing materials and use encrypted signals in its security systems.

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