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The Complete Guide To Improving Home Security

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Home security is much more than just motion sensors and security systems. While a home security system should be the central pillar to your home security plan, there are many other things you can do to ensure that your home is secure from burglars and provide you with peace of mind.

Below you will find links to nine different articles that will help you with everything from making sure you have the right door locks to knowing how to keep your garage door secure.

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21 Cheap Ways to Secure Your Home

With more and more sophisticated systems for home security coming out that rely on smartphone use, it seems as though the “I don’t have a smartphone” crowd is being left in the dust. However, there are many ways that you can dress up your home with security without relying on Wi-Fi or a monitored security system.
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8 Tips to secure your Doors

There’s more to door security than just installing a top-flight deadbolt and keeping it locked at all times. Many crimes are committed after the criminal enters the front door. Use these eight tips to ensure that your doors are secure.


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6 Tips To Secure Your Windows

There’s more to securing windows than always keeping them locked. This includes securing second-story windows that are near a tree, trellis or even a gutter that a thief could climb up. It also includes never leaving ladders outside unless you’re using them; when done, put them away and lock them up, or a thief may use one to access a top-level window.

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Locksmiths Say Deadbolt the Key to Home Security

There are many things you can do to boost home security, such as adding an alarm system or getting a guard dog, but unless you have working deadbolt locks and use them, your home isn’t secure.


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8 Ways to Make Your Home a Tougher Target For Burglars

Despite the extraordinary advancements in home security over the years, there were about 2.18 million break-ins in 2011, says the FBI Uniform Crime Reports. But don’t let this discourage you from beefing up your home’s security.


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6 Ways to Fortify Your Windows

It’s a jungle out there. Are your windows burglary-resistant? Or, to put it another way, fortified? Remember, burglars LOVE windows. This includes second-story windows. Don’t assume that you don’t need to fortify second-story windows or those that are high off the ground. Some home intruders don’t mind pretending to be Spiderman.

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Easy Ways to Make Your Backyard Burglar-Proof

Home security is something that you can’t take lightly. Defending your home from intruders and threats extends even into the backyard. It’s not just a concept that begins at your front door. Your backyard can be a very vulnerable area because it’s an open space. Burglars are always looking for the least guarded and most vulnerable area to target.


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How To Keep Your Garage Secure

When thinking of home security, many people don’t give much thought to the garage, or at least if they do, it doesn’t go beyond simply keeping it closed. Of course, keeping the garage door closed when it’s not in use is the No. 1 rule for garage security.


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Keep Your Windows Safe from Thieves with These Basic Tricks

When it comes to home security, even the smallest measure can make a big difference. Making sure that certain small mechanisms are in place can be the difference between being safe and being a robbery victim. Aside from doors, windows are the second-favorite entry point for thieves. Let’s see what you can do to keep them from entering your home!

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