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  • Price lock guarantee & Lifetime warranty
  • $0 up-front costs & free equipment
  • 22+ Years in Business

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  • Easy DIY set up (30 minutes or less)
  • $99 up-front cost
  • 30-day risk-free trial

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1-(844) 812-0151
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  • HD video cameras available
  • 24 years in business
  • 12 Month Contracts

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  • Home Theft Protection Guarantee
  • Free Base Security System Included
  • Professionally Installed Security System

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Moni 130x130 2
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1-(877) 407-9188
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  • Easy to move with system
  • Flexible Contract Options Available
  • Video Surveillance Options

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  • $39.99+/ Month
  • Home Automation Experts
  • Over 675,000 Homes Protected

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Most Recent User Review: Time Warner Cable Intelligent Home

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    April 28th, 2017 at 12:14 pm
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    My home carried TWC for nearly ten years and offered me a chance to upgrade service by getting security on TWC as well. I wasn’t under contract and would get a price break. However, there were $750 in hidden fees for yet another installation, and then TWC changed to Spectrum and would not honor any of the agreements, and the cable speed dropped while my bill that was promised to drop down to $125 for bundle, that tripled at $275 per month, and the speed was not being met. I was told it was the rented modem and router, and after spending several days trying to fix, a cable guy came in and changed the gear, and told me that I had extra boxes I didn’t need but am having to pay for, so asked him to take back to reduce my rate. He took the box but did not amend and I end up owing for that as well. This is an unethical company. Most the time my security camera would not work because the system was down or the router was defective, and I’m paying rent on all the gear and having to pay extra to make faster cable speed. So as TWC, now Spectrum, did not honor end to provide service, I brought all the gear back and terminated account, yet IntelligentHome hits my credit rating with false report of me owing an additional $200 for termination fee. Guys, they stole an extra $250 from me each month after stealing $175 in gear and not providing quality service. I ought to sue is what I ought to do. In all, this company has cost me a loss of $1,000 and false sense of security when system was never functional under IntelligentHome. Look elsewhere. You will have more money and better security without IntelligentHome.

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