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Posted By:  |  June 28, 2016

April Marchessault got attacked just after midnight inside her bathroom. At 5-1, she wasn’t intimidated by the 5-7, 200 pound man. Edgardo Montes, 47, got his clock thoroughly cleaned. He […]

Posted By:  |  June 23, 2016

Gone is the day when, while out on a romantic evening with your special someone, you suddenly realize you forgot to turn on your house alarm. You spend the rest […]

Posted By:  |  June 21, 2016

There are things you should know before you purchase your next house—even if you foresee that being years away. Take note of what’s in this article—and keep the notes where […]

Posted By:  |  June 16, 2016

Your family could be one little oversight away from a tragedy. Are you on the ball regarding home security? Check these out: If you have a freestanding mailbox that anyone […]

Posted By:  |  June 14, 2016

Before buying a security camera, ask yourself: Where do you intend on placing it? How well-hidden can/will the unit be? Are you familiar with laws pertaining to surveillance of people […]

Posted By:  |  June 9, 2016

Before buying a security camera, ask yourself: Where do you want to place it? How well-hidden can it be or does it need to be? Are you familiar with laws […]

Posted By:  |  June 7, 2016

If you’re a pedophile, you’d be wise not to keep any prescription containers in view of a webcam with your lewd pictures. The information on such a bottle is what […]

Posted By:  |  June 2, 2016

Does your child have the YouNow phone application? If so, you should know that obscene videos can be sent via this live streaming app. That’s what an 11-year-old girl in […]

Posted By:  |  May 26, 2016

How dumb can air travelers be, trying to get guns past the TSA? Duhh, don’t they know that the X-ray equipment or pat-downs will detect them? Just last year, over […]

Posted By:  |  May 24, 2016

Gunman Storms Building, Shot Dead by Receptionist Wouldn’t it be great to see a headline like this for once? More than ever, employees are being trained to react tactically should […]

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