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BHSC Consumer Advocate Protection Program

BHSC Consumer Advocate Protection Program

Becoming a member of is more than just receiving a few emails a month. Upon signing up, members will be able to receive a free digital download of “The Safety Minute:01,” by security expert, Robert Siciliano. Your free digital download will be provided courtesy of our top recommended partner Protect America, and will allow you to determine what you need to do to keep your home and family safe.

In addition to receiving a free digital download of “The Safety Minute:01,” members will also receive exclusive promotions/offers as well as educational editorial pieces. Promotions may include discounts or coupons that will save you money on home security services. We won’t just leave you hanging once we get you in touch with the right home security provider either. Members will receive exclusive access to newsletters, tips, and insights from experts in the home security industry.

Last but not least, becoming a member means you will be covered under our Consumer Advocate Protection Program. (CAPP) Our experts have reviewed and determined which home security providers can be trusted. We firmly believe that our top recommended companies will do all that they can to protect your home and your valuables. However, if for some reason you are unsatisfied with the service, we will be able to step in on your behalf and fight for you. The CAPP ensures that your voice will be heard. We don’t stop working until you are pleased with the outcome.

Membership means you will receive the best offers and advice in the industry, while also having your own advocate who will set the stage for you to express your concerns.

How does it work?

It’s easy, all you need to do is sign up and we will walk you through everything else! You will receive your very own unique member ID that will allow you to communicate directly with us. If you have a question or concern regarding your home security service, you will be able to use your unique ID to send us a message and we will get started on your case. We will make sure you are in direct communication with the home security provider and us while your complaint is being processed so you know exactly what steps are being taken to correct the situation.

What does a credit repair company have to do to become CAP certified?

Home security providers must meet a certain standard in order to become a CAP certified company. These companies must provide an optimum level of service and have a proven track record of high consumer satisfaction and results.

Companies must meet the following requirements to be considered for CAP certification:

  • Committed to 100% client satisfaction
  • Available for direct contact
  • Willing to provide feedback
  • Maintain a 9.0 or higher expert score
  • Maintain a 8.0 or higher user score
  • Company profile must have at least 30 verified user reviews
  • Provide service nationwide

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