10 Technologies to Secure Your Home

ten technologies

Here are 10 ways you can protect your home, especially during the holidays.

#1. Affordable security camera. Security cameras and their receiver kits are more affordable than ever, costing less than $100. You'll be able to see and sometimes hear who's outside your home #2. Advanced smoke detectors. Wireless smoke alarms cost only $50 and can be installed throughout your home via radio frequency to connect them to each other. One alarm being tripped will set all of them off. #3. Fire extinguisher: kitchen-specific. A kitchen fire extinguisher runs only $20 and has a unique nozzle-it sprays baking soda in an arc trajectory at low pressure so that hot cooking oil won't splatter (which would cause the fire to spread). #4. Sporadic light timer. Search the House Sitter Random Light Timer which does not go on and off at predictable intervals; there's no pattern. At $19, it can also be used for TVs and radios. #5. Fake TV burglar deterrent. Search for the FakeTV which is smaller than your coffee cup, but the light that this electronic device generates mimics the flickering light of a 27-inch LCD TV. This $40 gadget will fool burglars. #6. Apps for home security. Apps for Android and iOS will allow you to turn lights on and off at your house, and view cameras there, while you're away. Depending on the level of monitoring, these apps range from free with your home security system to $100. #7. Solar powered motion detection lighting. Storing a charge during the day, search for these devices which cost approx ($70) and detect motion at night and triggers a light. #8. CO monitor. Go one step further and get a device that also detects explosive gas. Devices with a digital display will show if any gas is present. #9. Driveway monitor. These devices can detect vehicles coming and going in your driveway, but the sensor will not be triggered by people or pets. #10. Home security systems and cameras. Wired or wireless, use a professional or do it yourself. Spend a little or spend a lot. Get it monitored or not. (I prefer monitored.) With some cameras, you can hear audio via video. Just get alarmed.

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