10 Tips To Protect Your Home When Traveling


Going on a trip? Here's what to do.

  1. Put your mail and newspaper deliveries on vacation hold. Consider you end up on a "stop delivery" list and this may mean persons who have access to it might not always have good intentions.
  2. Maybe ask a neighbor to collect mail and deliveries- but what if he forgets or something happens to him? Make sure he is very reliable.
  3. Ask a reliable neighbor to remove any fliers at your door, because a burglar might have placed them there to see if they gets removed or not.
  4. In a perfect world, you have a reliable neighbor or two who will do things to make it look like you never went away, such as taking out your trash cans (even if empty) and returning them; mowing the lawn; and parking his car in your driveway.
  5. In an even more perfect world, you have a great neighbor who will look in on your dog every so often, feed and walk it, etc. If the dog stays at your house instead of in a kennel, its barking will deter intruders. Ideally, your neighbor will live in your house while you're away.
  6. If you don't have grand neighbors who can help out in these ways, at least enlist in a few to just keep an eye on your house as far as suspicious people near it.
  7. If you're traveling during a heat wave (get a weather report for your area for the time you'll be away), set the air conditioner (if it's in your window) to come on when the temperature hits a certain point. Otherwise, during a heatwave, an air conditioner that's not on-while everyone else's rumbles-is a tip-off to a crook casing your place that you're away on travel.
  8. Install exterior lights that turn on upon detecting motion. Place them at all doors and above the garage.
  9. Install interior lighting fixtures that go on and off according to a setting. Timed devices can also turn the TV on and off. More sophisticated devices will go on randomly rather than the same time every day-which is a tip-off that they're timed devices and you're not home. You can also get an application for your smartphone to control the settings while you're traveling.
  10. Stop posting your plans or locations on social media. Just stop it.

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