15 Burglary Prevention Tips for Daylight Saving Time

15 prevention security It's fall, and it's definitely darker earlier. Burglars like to break into homes when nobody's there, and they prefer that it's dark-which means late afternoon might be a good time to strike this time of the year. But don't just take my word for it. Researchers from the University of Virginia, as reported by NPR, have confirmed it. "Our results suggest that robbery rates will actually increase by 7 percent overall. And this effect will be driven by about a 27 percent increase in robbery during the sunset hour that is affected. So, now that it's going to be dark during an early evening hour that was light before, there will be a lot more violent street crime like robbery."
  1. Keep your window shades down as prevention against someone peering in.
  2. Put all your lights, both indoor and outdoor, on timers to give the impression someone's home and watching.
  3. Lock all your doors with quality locks for both the deadbolt and knob.
  4. Invest in door reinforcement to beef up the jambs.
  5. Install a monitored home security system and keep it activated 24/7/365.
  6. Consider glass-break, shatterproof window film to beef up your window security.
  7. Lock all your windows, regardless of what floor they are on.
  8. Consider putting a block or extra screws in the windows to prevent them from being pried open.
  9. Be creative with your personal security by putting out a big dog bowl labeled "KILLER."
  10. Get a pair of men's boots and put them at the rear and front doors.
  11. Trim shrubbery so you aren't giving burglars a place to hide.
  12. Be efficient about picking up mail and newspapers, and have a friend do it for you if you are traveling.
  13. Don't let people see you pack your car. Park and pack your car in your garage or pack it at night if you are heading on a trip.
  14. When being picked up by a cab from your home, make a mock phone call to whomever saying "Hey Pat [a gender-neutral name]. "Don't let the dog out. He bit another person this morning." Then proceed to have a discussion with the cabbie about how vicious your dog is.
  15. Don't post where you are and where you aren't on social media. Be discreet.

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