15 Home Security Myths Unveiled


Myth: a popular belief or tradition that has grown up around something or someone...that is usually false. I've heard every myth ever told about home security. Many of them come from older technologies, and some come from simple misinformation or ignorance.

    1. "Nobody will break into my home": If you live under the belief that "It Can't Happen To Me," then it's just a matter of time until it does.
    2. "I have home insurance, so I'm protected": No, you will never get back your sense of security or the sentimental value of items stolen, and you'll never feel the same after a burglar poops in your living room.
    3. "I live in a safe neighborhood, so I'm safe." Really? Start reading the police blotter. Then see how safe you are.
    4. "If a burglar wants to get in, he'll get in." No. While there may be more costs associated with multiple layers of security, it is possible to make a home burglarproof.
    5. "Home security systems are expensive." They can be, but costs have come down and there is a system for every budget now.
    6. "My pet will always set my alarm off." No, my dog has never set mine off. Alarms are designed with pets in mind.
    7. "Home security systems require ridiculous contracts." No, only if you choose a ridiculous contract. Otherwise, you can go month to month or with none at all.
    8. "A burglar can just cut the telephone wires." No, most systems can be installed with cellular capabilities.
    9. "Alarm monitoring is expensive." It's all relative to the size of your system. Monitoring can cost as little as 30 cents a day to a few bucks a day.
    10. "Contractors will tear my house up." Only if you choose a lousy contractor. And you can choose a do-it-yourself system these days.
    11. "An alarm requires drilling lots of holes." It used to, but most systems today are wireless and installed with double-sided tape.
    12. "Setting up an alarm is a nightmare." Not anymore. Alarms today can be set up by anyone with minimal capabilities. Often a tech support rep can help you over the phone very easily.
    13. "Burglars can easily turn an alarm off." Not easily. Usually, when an alarm goes off, it calls the police and alarm central within a minute. A burglar would have to know a lot about your system to disable it.
    14. "My dog will protect my home." My dog acts as one measure to protect my home. But a dog shot dead, locked in a room or fed a steak is useless.
    15. "I don't need a home alarm, I have a gun." If you think that, then you're an idiot.