5 Home Security Tips for Frequent Travelers


With more than two million homes burgled in the United States each year, it is important to protect yourself from incursions. Following are some top tips and tricks to ward off the unwanted visitor.

1. Monitor your house from afar:

It is important to keep tabs on your home and the easiest way to do so is by installing security cameras, especially when they sync with your smartphone or tablet. There really is no comparison to installing a professional security system that monitors your home. Trying to watch your home is time consuming and can ruin your vacation not to mention inefficient. Let the experts take care of any home security breaches and relax.

2. Make it look like you're at home:

An abandoned home makes for an obvious target. Have your mail stopped, keep up with the yard work and shovel the snow. Have a neighbor park their cars in your driveway. You can also ask someone to take your garbage bins out and bring them back in on collection day even though they are empty, no one needs to know that. Automate specific electronics in your home such as programming your lights or a stereo to switch on and off at certain times. The flurry of activity will make your house looked lived in. Smart plugs also offer the ability to control your lamps remotely.

3. Keep your travel on the down low:

It is a good idea to tell your Mom you are leaving but try not to broadcast it too widely. Many people share personal information on Twitter or Facebook or post travel photos on Instagram without realizing how may people can access it. Avoid posting about upcoming travel on social media or other internet sites.

4. Pull the plug on electronics:

An active garage door for example can be activated easily by a universal remote, so unplug the garage door opener. Also remember to unplug the GPS from any car left at the airport parking lot, burglars have been known to hop in a car and hit "home".

5. Prepare for the worst:

Check your insurance policies to make sure they are all up to date and provides the accurate protection you need. Don't forget to take photos of your belongings.

If you have a neighborhood watch you might want to notify them of your extended travel plans so they know to respond quickly if an alarm is triggered. The more trusted eyes you have on your home the better.

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