50 Home Security Tips and Resources




1. Invest in night vision cameras

2. A burglar will always check for house cameras

3. Baby monitors act as another form of home security systems

4. A smoke detector can be mistaken for a hidden camera

5. Wireless cameras are more effective

6. A video camera at the front door can help if you don't have peepholes or windows there

7. If you can't afford a real camera, set up a dummy security camera



8. Motion detectors will scare off burglars early

9. Floodlights are an affordable home security solution

10. Save money by installing low-voltage security lights

Alerts and Monitoring Systems


11. Door motion sensors

12. Driveway senor

13. Glass break sensor

14. Wireless annunciator system

15. Infrared motion sensors

Technology Security


16. Install anti-virus systems

17. Use firewalls

18. Sign up for only secure email accounts

19. Get spam filters for your email

20. Only use secure browsers

21. Create unique passwords for everything

22. Use password protect on all systems

23. Sign out of all websites when you're done using your computer

24. Use patches

25. Encrypt important documents on your computer

26. Look out for fake security systems

27. Learn about the signs of a low security system and hackers

28. Manage your cookies

29. Disable hidden file name extensions

30. Keep your system updated

31. Back up everything on your computer

Out-of-Town Security


32. Leave your television on

33. You can use your web camera as a security system

34. Hide all of your valuables

35. Mini timers will turn different lights on and off in your house automatically

36. Remote video surveillance cameras can watch your property

37. Driveway motion lights

38. Security television simulator

39. An instant motion activated video can be installed anywhere you want

General Tips


40. Lock your windows and doors

41. Invest in any kind of alarm

42. Educate your children on home security

43. Put up a fence around your yard

44. Put in mirrors to help you see around the corner of your house

45. Use a safe

46. Hide your key, not under your mat

47. Don't open the door to a stranger without someone else home

48. Dogs can help scare intruders away

49. Introduce yourself to your neighbors

50. Change your locks if articles such as purses, keys, wallets are stolen