6 Tips to Prevent False Alarms

Hi, I'm Robert Siciliano personal and home expert with BestHomeSecurityCompanys.com today discussing false alarms

Unfortunately, cheaper, older security motion detectors can't distinguish between a 150 pound man and a squirrel or even some papers blowing around. This causes police and firefighters to respond to false alarms. False alarms caused by the elements or animals are common (in the millions each year) and occur with business as well as residential systems.

Here are some tips to prevent false alarms

#1 A system that triggers a call to the homeowner or business owner's mobile phone first. If there's no answer it goes to the home or office phone. If there's no answer there either it goes to the police.

#2 Having a home security system with security cameras allows the homeowner to quickly check on the home via their mobile to see if there is an actual problem.

#3 The alarm system should be thoroughly re-evaluated by the company to make sure that a glitch isn't responsible for at least some of the false triggers.

#4 Homeowners should determine if there is enough time when entering or exiting the home when alarms are often triggered.

#5 Proactively plan when another person is entering the home such as guests, contractors, cleaners etc. Those "inexperienced" with your alarm are often the culprits.

#6 Homeowners must ingrain into themselves the habit of checking to see if the alarm is on before opening the door to check the thermometer outside, retrieve the newspaper or let the dog out in the middle of the night.

I'm Robert Siciliano personal and home expert with BestHomeSecurityCompanys.com reminding you that security is a journey, it is not a destination to keep your head up and beware out there.

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