6 Tips To Secure Your Windows


There's more to securing windows than always keeping them locked. This includes securing second-story windows that are near a tree, trellis or even a gutter that a thief could climb up. It also includes never leaving ladders outside unless you're using them; when done, put them away and lock them up, or a thief may use one to access a top level window.

  1. How many times have you read about a predator who "got in through a window"? Sometimes he cuts the screen and then slides or lifts the glass, then gets in. So make sure the screen does not have any weak points, and that the window is locked unless you're present and absolutely need to have the window open for fresh air. But never leave a bedroom window open overnight!
  2. Place metal or wooden rods in the tracks of horizontally sliding windows for extra security.
  3. Place security film on all windows; this will make it very difficult for someone to penetrate.
  4. Keep curtains, shades and shutters in use to prevent thieves from peering in.
  5. Few burglars or rapists want to hassle with a prickly, thorny shrub that's smack before a window, so have one planted near windows. If you live in a townhome or condo, your HOA may forbid added shrubs, or the window might be above a cement patio or layer of stones. You may want to consider placing very heavy planters along the window. An intruder may still move them, but at least they will likely collect his DNA-which will be very valuable in court.
  6. A sure way to prevent someone from getting in through a window is metal bars, which can be placed on the outside or inside. They make ones that can be released by hitting a button-to allow you to escape from a fire or intruder.

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