8 Tips to secure your Doors


There's more to door security than just installing a top-flight deadbolt and keeping it locked at all times. Many crimes are committed after the criminal enters the front door.

  1. Open your door and you'll see a metal rectangle along the edge where the deadbolt goes into. This is the strike plate. Replace it with the strongest you can find to make it harder for someone to kick a door open. Search "door reinforcement" for more options.
  2. Check the hinges. If they're on the outside, this is bad news because a burglar or sociopath could dismantle them and gain entry. Consider having the door swing in the other direction and the hinges removed and placed on the inside.
  3. Do you have French doors? Realize that they are easy to kick open, so do your homework to get the best reinforcements installed.
  4. Why do criminals like crow bars? Is it to knock someone on the head? How about pry open a door to get into a house so they could rob it? Make sure your doors and frame have a tight reinforced fit.
  5. For all sliding glass doors and horizontally sliding windows, secure the bottom track with a "Charlie" bar or wooden rod. Or you can screw a tiny device (made for this purpose) onto the track that will stop the door from getting past that point.
  6. Replace all locks with new locks-but maybe not from the local hardware store as these are often simple enough locks for even novice lock pickers to pick. Recommended are the following: Medeco, Abloy Protec, BiLock and Mul-T-Lock. You will get what you pay for: $100 to $300 per lock.
  7. Consider a double cylinder lock for doors near glass that a crook could break through, stick his arm in and turn the lock to open the door. A double cylinder lock requires a key on the inside, which means he won't be able to turn the knob...but you'll need to unlock it every time you want to go outside. Check local laws regarding fire codes.
  8. Immediately get the locks changed of any new place you rent.

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