A Security System To Protect Your House Without A Monthly Fee


A woman, home alone, saw a man attempting to break into her home. She had no idea what to do so she ended up banging on the window in an attempt to scare him off. In situations like these she wished she had a home security system set up.

Skylink is does home security and has set up a system that can be set up by the purchaser themselves. A system that creates a ringing noise when a door is opened, can be turned on and off with the use of a clicker, motions sensors, and other safety features.

With this system there are no fees for the use of it, just a cost when purchasing the system. The reason is the purchaser is the one watching the house not another party. This means when an alarm is fired off is the job of the consumer to call 911.

With the help of an iPhone the sensors, alarms, and sirens can be individually turned on and off to create a custom alarm system. The system also can be turned on and off from anywhere using an iPhone. This makes it very convenient if there was a rush out the door and the alarm system did not get turned on when leaving in a hurry.

If an alarm sounds and a call can always be made by the buyer then this system could work well.