Access AT&T Digital Life From Anywhere

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Pulling up to your home and saying "open sesame" is not out of the question anymore. AT&T announced that its Digital Life and Drive platforms now work together.

Digital Life is a dealer installed, monthly fee, based home security and automation service that provides life monitoring as well as remote access on Android and iOS devices and computers.

You can choose from many packages to customize to what you want and need. The hardware ranges from a whole home solution, security cameras, door and window sensors, garage door openers, thermostats and smoke detectors.

AT&T's Drive has locked down partnerships with Audi, BMW, GM, Ford, Tesla, Nissan, Volvo and Subaru. Its goal is to explore opportunities to inject AT&T tech into the connected feature offerings of these car brands.

With this partnership, Digital Life customers will be able to access the app on their vehicle's control panel or via voice control so they can check in on what's happening at home without having to grab their phone. You should be able to tell your car to open the garage door, rather than fishing around for your controller.

This sounds like Works with Nest and their partnership with Mercedes Benz. With this partnership you can trigger your Nest Learning Thermostat to switch to Home mode before you get there.

The smartphone market is a bit sluggish that is why AT&T has been working on this Digital Life/Drive partnership. AT&T said that it added 800,000 wireless cars in the fourth quarter in 2014 and has plans to add roughly half of all new US cars in 2015.

Time will tell if AT&T's new partnerships will help boost the smartphone/ smarthome market.

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