Active Shooters Terrorize Citizens

active shooters terrorize

2013 has been a most voluminous year for gun deaths in the U.S.

  • Oklahoma: Four women were shot to death in their apartment during a robbery.
  • New Mexico: Nehemiah Gringo, 15, apparently used an AR-15 to take out his entire family, including two preschool siblings.
  • New York: What's worse than a people killer? A dog killer. A 64-year-old man shot to death "Ape," a young police dog, but not before he shot dead four people at an oil-lube shop and barbershop.
  • Ohio: Two young women and two young men were shot in the head at point blank range after being lined up in their basement.
  • Washington: A man shot his girlfriend, then three others in her apartment complex-all dead.
  • Illinois: A man murdered five family members of his daughter's mother, all over a custody dispute.
  • Kansas: A woman and her toddler were shot dead because, apparently, they had it coming, according to the nutjob killer, who also murdered his friend and roommate.
  • Indiana: Apparently, a meth head was behind the murders of four people in their home.
  • Nevada: A man shot dead two couples right in their homes, plus a newspaper deliveryman.
  • California: A man killed his father, brother and then three more at Santa Monica College.
  • Florida: A man murdered the husband and wife managers of his own apartment, then capped four neighbors.
  • West Virginia: A man shot two dead in an alleged drug house, then apparently for the heck of it, killed a 70 year old man and his 47 year old son who were delivering papers.
  • Texas: A former teacher shot his girlfriend, estranged wife and two of their kids to death.
  • Oklahoma: A whackjob murdered his mother, sister, niece and infant nephew.
  • Tennessee: A couple killed four people during a robbery in their car.
  • Washington, D.C.: Voices apparently told a military contractor to kill 12 ex-coworkers.
  • Texas: A woman killed her apparently abusive husband, but...also their three sons.
  • The killer of four people found dead in a house may still be unidentified.
  • Arizona: Here we go with another cowardly dog killer: two dogs this time because they were barking, but he also killed four neighbors.
  • Texas: An apparently drunken man took out five people at four locations.
  • South Carolina: A man murdered his ex-girlfriend, then her parents and two of her kids.
  • The shooters, from a car, of two men and their girlfriends, have not been identified.
  • The killer of four people in an alleged meth house is at large.
  • Kansas: There are no suspects in the death of four people killed in a house.
  • Arkansas: A total loon murdered his daughter's boyfriend in the car after he arrived home with them, then shot dead his infant grandson, then chased his daughter and preschool granddaughter into the backyard, killing the child.
  • Tennessee: A man shot dead his wife and two children.
  • Connecticut: A man shot his ex-girlfriend and two friends to death.

Sources: Reddit and Gawker

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