Are Your Internet of Things Listed on This Search Engine?

Do you know what Censys is? Or DOES, rather?

  • It is a hacker's type search engine.
  • If you've heard of Shodan, a search engine for hackers, then you get the idea of what Censys is about.
  • The new Censys scans cyberspace every day, inside and out for vulnerable devices.
  • Censys has found about three million vulnerable devices already.
  • Censys is free, released last October by University of Michigan researchers.
  • And it is powered by Google.

What is the purpose of Censys?

It is a project with the objective of providing a solid inventory of all things Internet, for the sake of detecting vulnerabilities. With its daily scans, this search engine collects data on websites and their hosts.

Most of cyber traffic is routed by the IPv4 address space, and this is what Censys scans. Censys accomplishes this with an open-source network scanner and an application layer scanner-for those of you who are techy enough to know what these are.

Censys's database lets security researchers inquire into the collected information-the result of scans that cover 4,000,000,000 IP addresses. It finds devices that are prone to being hacked.

Censys has already made quite a few impressive finds, including vulnerable bank safes that are connected to the Internet. Essentially, Censys is designed to dig up cyber dirt.

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