Blink to Kick-Start Home Security Camera

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Transmitting audio and video to your smart phone has been a little tricky in the past.

There has not always been user-friendly software available for transmission of audio and video files to and from your smart phone. There is a customer base though, who have been wanting to see this software developed.

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 4.44.59 PMFortunately, there may not be a product available to help consumers do just that.

Blink is the answer.,

Immedia Semiconductor Inc. has designed a chip that captures and processes high resolution video for use in dashboard cameras and wearable computing devices.

The device, Blink, will combine a video camera with night vision, a motion detector, temperature sensor and microphone.The best part, it will be inexpensive.

"You can take this camera and basically put it anywhere," said Immedia cofounder, Don Shulsinger. "It comes with a separate "sync module" that plugs into an electrical outlet and uses a wireless data link to communicate with the Blink device. The system can transmit audio and video via the Internet to the user's smartphone."

If Blink does well with consumers, Shulsinger hopes to license the underlying technology to larger and better-known consumer electronics companies.

That way, Shulsinger said, "we could get a much, much broader reach than we could with the Blink brand itself."

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