Boston Marathon, Best-Worst Day Ever

Robert Siciliano - Personal and Home Security Expert for

So I ran the 2013 Boston Marathon this year, it really was the best day ever that didn't end well at all. I call it "My Best-Worst Day Ever." Training for a marathon is physical, emotional and expensive process. So why do it? Why climb a mountain? Why be a police officer? Why be an emergency room nurse? Why detonate a bomb in a crowd of innocent people? Not sure.

The Blasts

We all make choices others wouldn't and justify our decisions based on our interests, options and perspective. And after last year's 86 degree marathon and my awful 5:32 time, I was on my way to run about a 4:10 which is about my best, but was stopped at the 26-mile mark due to some idiot's agenda. Worst. My improved time put me on Boylston Street where the finish line is shortly after the blasts. There were two loud bangs and as I rounded the corner, I saw the finish line through dissipating smoke. The Boston police immediately corralled runners from going any further down Boylson Street because it was now a volatile area and potential crime scene. So at 2:52, two minutes after the blasts, I called my wife who was at the finish line and got no answer. A minute later I got my dad on the phone and he was with my wife and kids and he confirmed that they were all ok. I instructed him to leave as soon as possible as another bomb could go off and I told him to walk down the center of the street and avoid any cars. This way if a bomb went off on the side, they would be safe.

One Nation

So at this point my family and I are safe and like most of America, but we are raw. All of us are raw. Emotions are high, we are sad and angry, our hearts are heavy. Knowing that lives were lost and that so many will never be the same we are not at ease. And we all want answers. We wonder sadly whether this celebratory event will ever be marked by the visual plume of smoke and be symbolized by evil attempt of misguided people who simply don't value human life and have no regard for our freedoms here in America.

While there really are no answers and will really never be, we must keep in mind the immediate needs of the victims and their families. And on behalf on my Boston, we also must declare that we are proud as a city. And it's our first-responders and the people who showed the true measure of human spirit through their powerful acts of kindness and displace of citizen courage. We are strong as a city and we are undivided as a country and unbowed by this attack. No terrorist will ever be allowed to alter our nation's course.

I am Robert Sicilano, personal and home security expert for reminding you that security is a journey, it is not a destination. You must stay on your toes. Thank you so much.