Burglaries Highlight Home-Security System Flaws


When you go to bed or leave for the day, you set your home security system and have a sense of safety. However, a recent break-in in Sausalito, Calif. is proving that just having an alarm system isn't enough. Home owners need to have the right equipment and trustworthy monitoring, which is why finding the best home security option available is important.

A string of burglaries has exposed a weak link in the communication systems in some home security systems. The Sausalito police found that a burglar or burglars are able to access the utility box outside the home and unplug the phone jack for the security system, without the security company being aware the system was disabled.

22Police contacted the security company to find out what time the burglary occurred.

"They told me there was no record of it, and they don't keep records of the hard line disconnects," Police Officer Nick White, said. "I was very surprised and I was more surprised they didn't have a record at all, or a time stamp of when the disconnection would have occurred."

The name of the security company has not been named publicly, but it is forcing home owners to look into their home security equipment and make sure they are receiving the best service on the market.

"The fact that an alarm can be disarmed from the outside and not notify the police station or not notify the protection company is something I think we all have to be aware of," Mike Grace, a concerned neighbor, said. "I actually did have a small break-in and fortunately my alarm did go off. It actually scared the perpetrator out of the house right away, so I was glad that I did have an alarm."

There are wireless systems available that would prevent a problem like disconnecting the system through a utility box from happening. Police are encouraging people to do their research and question home security, as well as utility companies, to make sure their homes are secure.

Consumers need to arm themselves with information by finding out from their security company what they can do to protect against this "disconnect" happening or consider a wireless security system.

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