Burglars To Jam Security Systems


Any product that promises to protect your home deserves a heightened level of scrutiny.

The most likely burglary scenario by far is the unsophisticated crime of opportunity, usually involving a broken window or some other kind of brute force entry.

According to the FBI, crimes like these accounted for roughly two thirds of all residential burglaries in the US in 2013. The odds of a criminal using technical means to bypass a security system are so small that the FBI doesn't even track those statistics.

The main concern in theory is that any given system is vulnerable to being blocked from working. With wired setups the fear is that a burglar might be able to shut your system down by simply cutting the right wire.

With a wireless set up the concern is the system could be jammed. Any system that is built to receive a wireless signal at a specific frequency can be overwhelmed by a stronger signal coming in on the same frequency.

Security devices are required to list the frequencies they broadcast on, that means all a burglar has to do is Google your system. If you have a sign in your yard declaring what system you use that just makes the burglars job that much easier. However, many security systems use an algorithm that is capable of separating incidental RF interference from targeted jamming attacks.

Jamming attacks are absolutely possible. But with the right equipment and the right know how it is possible to jam any wireless transmission. But how plausible is it that someone will successfully jam their way into your home and steal your stuff?

Most burglars will choose to target a home with no security system at all and leave yours alone.

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