Canary Home Security Smartphone App To Be Released

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Americans spend over $20 billion a year on home security, but new mobile technologies are working towards reducing those costs.

Canary plans on turning their product and service into the solution for home security consumers. Canary is a new home security smart phone app and is promising the easiest home security product on the market at a very low cost.

The canary device uses a high definition camera, microphone, siren, and sensors to keep your home safe. The Canary device can be set up anywhere that has a power source and Internet access.

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 11.33.18 AMThe users are alerted of issues by push alerts, text messages or email (depending on what the consumer wants). The app will monitor disturbances by using the motion camera and will be able to sound an alarm remotely to scare potential burglars away.

In addition to providing a more mobile-friendly system, Canary is also focused on reducing the number of false alarms home security consumers experience.

"Canary is designed with pet owners in mind," company officials said in a recently released statement. "We are building the Canary system to recognize normal patterns in your home."

Right now, consumers experience false alarms due to pets or children setting off the alarm, but Canary will be able to detect whether or not it is a legitimate threat before contacting the authorities.

ADT the leading security firm, charges fees of $28.99 per month, but requires a 36 month contract which means it will cost at least $1,000 to users. Canary charges a one time fee of $249 per device. If consumers are concerned about pricing, a mobile home security option may be a good way to go.

However, the Canary device shuts down if there is a power outage, whereas the regular home security systems can run for several hours on a battery system. The Canary system also relies on the user to contact authorities if there is an issue, which means they are not automatically contacted.

Canary admitted it is still working out some bugs and no ship date has been released.

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