CoinGuard To Introduce DIY Security Sytem

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The DIY security system has grown increasingly in popularity over the last few years.

Technologies continue to advance, as well as designs and system preferences.

Once company in particular is making a splash in the DIY security space.


It is the CoinGuard, and while the tech inside of the system isn't all that groundbreaking, the design of it definitely is.

Despite being equipped with motion sensors and some advanced networking tech, each CoinGuard module is no bigger than a half dollar coin.

This very small size means that you can place CoinGuard practically anywhere, on anything that you want to monitor - be it your windows, keys, jewelry, front door, refrigerator door, medicine cabinet, or even your cookie jar.

Whenever the embedded accelerometer senses movement, the module beams an alert to the accompanying network hub, which then serves you a notification on your mobile device no matter where you are in the world.

The system runs on ZigBee so you don't need to worry about range. All the small modules work like a mesh network and can relay signals across long distances. Being such a small motion sensor gives it a broader range of potential uses. The CoinGuard is not limited to the same locations that bigger, more sophisticated monitoring devices are.

Obviously, this system has some big limitations compared to full fledged security systems outfitted with cameras, but not everybody wants such robust security, and for those simply looking for an easy and affordable way to make their homes safer, CoinGuard would likely be an excellent option.

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