Common Personal Safety Products for Women

safety products for women

Unfortunately, women remain at a high risk for violence from theft to assault. However, there are many personal safety products out there that are designed for women. Many of these products are easy to hide, simple to use, and available without a permit, making them much more accessible to the women who need them. With pepper spray, mace, stun guns, and batons, tasers, and personal alarms, women can keep themselves much safer from attackers. Read on to learn more about each of these personal safety products.

Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is one of the most common personal safety products that women can use for self-defense. Pepper spray is also known as OC gas, OC spray, or capsicum spray. Containing capsaicin as its active ingredient, pepper spray causes pain and irritation in the eyes and can lead to temporary blindness. Pepper spray may or may not be available to you based upon your state - it is restricted in both Massachusetts and New York and has some restrictions in Wisconsin and Michigan.


While "mace" and "pepper spray" are often used interchangeably, mace differs from pepper spray because it can contain OC pepper, but it might also contain tear gas or both ingredients. Tear gas irritates the mucous membranes of one's nose, lungs, mouth, and eyes. It also leads to coughing, crying, and sneezing. Similarly to pepper spray, mace causes irritation and pain in the eyes. It also faces the same state restrictions as pepper spray.

Stun Guns & Batons

Stun guns are also popular personal safety products for women because they are both small and can be easily disguised. Stun guns cause an attacker to be temporarily immobilized, allowing you to escape. You can purchase a standard, handheld stun gun or find stun guns designed to look like cell phones, lipstick, or perfume. Stun batons are also commonly used because they can be expandable, allowing them to easily fit in your purse, and they can be disguised to look like flashlights. Stun guns are restricted in Hawaii, Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Michigan as well as in certain cities.


Similar to stun guns, tasers are common personal safety products for women because they can be used at a safe distance from an attacker or in direct contact. Tasers are available in many different models with various voltages of electrical current to override the central nervous system and immobilize the individual. However, tasers face the same state and city restrictions as stun guns.

Personal Alarms

Finally, personal alarms are another commonly used personal safety product amongst women. Personal alarms are small devices that are activated by pressing a button or pulling a tag. When activated, a siren will go off to both deter the attacker and garner the attention of others in the vicinity. Personal alarms are beneficial because they can be easily disguised, carried as key chains, and are lightweight. They also do not have any restrictions and often come with a hidden switch for deactivation, preventing attackers from disarming them.

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