Congressman Testifies in Favor of ADT for White House Security

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Congressman John Mica (R-Fla) suggested in a rather unlikely fashion to use ADT for white house security purposes.

A man jumped the White House fence earlier this month and managed to get deep inside the building before being tackled.

In addition Rep. Mica pointed out in a House Oversight Committee hearing that in 2011 the Secret Service did not realize the president's home had been struck by bullets until a housekeeper found broken glass.

Mica said he was perplexed that the Secret Service could miss things that even his own alarm system at home would have detected.

"It's a simple thing...if someone opens a window, or a window is broken at my house, I have an alarm," Mica said while holding up an ADT alarm company sign. "Have you ever heard of these guys? It is not very costly. You can subscribe. That can be installed."

Other suggestions for security were also suggested by Mica.

"We could put some vegetation barriers, simple things like, how about Spanish bayonet?" Mica said, referring to a prickly foliage that grows well in his home state of Florida. "You jump that fence and you get quite a greeting when you hit the ground."

Rep Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) wants the Secret Service to be faster to use their weapons in case a fence jumper is armed with some sort of explosive.

"I think it's confusing," adds Chaffetz. "This is part of what they have to deal with. They're making split second decisions. I want it to be crystal clear, you make a dash for the White House, we are going to take you down. I want overwhelming force. Do you disagree with me?"

Maybe putting up that ADT sign in the front lawn is a good place to start.

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