Consumer Review Site Reviews Top Home Security Monitoring Centers

Pleasant Grove, Utah (PRWEB) April 03, 2013

The (BHSC) expert review team has set out to review each home security monitoring center (central stations) in an effort to help consumers better understand their alarm contracts. Home security companies typically offer 24/7 monitoring services either through a third party wholesaler or their own central station. When customers sign up for monitoring through their home security provider -either month-to-month or long-term- they are paying a monthly fee for the monitoring service itself. "We've already reviewed many of the top home security companies in the industry, but we strongly felt that we needed to review the top monitoring centers as well in order to give the consumer a better idea of the companies they are dealing with," explained PR Director Michael Bratton.

Home security monitoring companies play an integral role in the home security industry. Most home security equipment would be rendered useless without the service and capabilities of central stations. Because of this fact, experts at BHSC have worked to create an 8-point ranking criteria to help consumers better understand central stations. This criteria includes:

  • UL listing
  • FM certification
  • BBB rating
  • Time in business
  • Redundancy
  • Number of stations
  • Average response time
  • Given user rating

"We've honed in on the best rating criteria to help consumers quickly understand how good a monitoring center is without having to waste time searching," said Michael Bratton. He continued saying, "our site is constantly evolving; however, one thing will never change and that's the core focus we have on consumers best interests." (BHSC) is a leading review platform that reviews and ranks home security companies and monitoring centers through tried and tested methods. BHSC has pioneered many review techniques and constantly looks for innovation and simplification.