Could Your Garage Be the Weakest Link in Your Home Security Chain?


Homeowners who want to ensure that their residences are safe for themselves and their loved ones should definitely install a home security system. Doing so will not only act as a deterrent for would-be thieves, but also help to alert occupants should someone seek to gain unlawful access. However, many homeowners don't realize that their garages could actually be the weak link in their home security chain. What this article will focus on is how homeowners can safeguard their garages so criminals can't use them as gateways into the home.

Motion-Detector Lights to the Rescue

Thieves often love to do their dirty work under the cover of darkness, which is why so many break-ins occur during the late evening or night hours. Homeowners should consider equipping the existing outside light fixtures near their garages with motion detectors or have new motion detection systems installed, if necessary, to reduce the likelihood of being victimized by thieves. This strategy will help to keep thieves from gaining entry via the garage and give them reason to have second thoughts if they're considering breaking in via some other possible entry point.

Remove the Garage Door Opener Remote From Your Car's Visor

Pulling out all the stops to keep thieves from using the garage as an access point to your home won't do much good if you leave the garage door opener remote in your cars. You should always take any visor-mounted remotes inside when you leave your vehicle. This will remove the possibility of thieves gaining easy access into garages. Homeowners can avoid the hassle of having to remember the routine of removing and putting back the remotes if they replace visor-mounted remotes with remotes on a keychain.

Eliminate Window Shopping Opportunities

Keeping garage windows locked at all times is a given. Beyond that, homeowners should also consider using some sort of window covering so people can't see in from the outside. Drapes or blinds will work. Homeowners who want to be extra vigilant might even go a step further by installing window bars so that thieves, if they break the window, will not be able to enter the garage through the broken window. In order to deny would-be thieves the window of opportunity they need to get into garages, homeowners should take decisive steps to thwart their efforts.

Fortify the Doors and the Locks

Many garages have connecting doors that allow people to enter the house from the garage. If thieves do gain entry to this style of garage, they'll make quick work of these connecting doors if homeowners don't ensure that the doors and locks are up to the challenge. Consulting professionals is a good idea, as they can assist homeowners in selecting and installing the best options available. Something the pros might recommend is what is known as a door reinforcer, which prevents doors from being split when thieves try to break in. A quality deadbolt is also a given.

While a good home security system will help to keep intruders out, homeowners need to remember that their game plan should include preventing would-be thieves from getting into their home via their garage. Following the advice mentioned above will help you to stay one step ahead of people interested in breaking into your home. That way, you can avoid becoming another statistic.

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