Detroit Area Crime Boosts Home Security Business


An increase in the neighborhood break-ins means lots of phone calls to Roger Mason, owner of Pointe Monitoring and Alarm, wanting alarm installations. Mason said his business is up about 25% year over year because of the concern from the 'we could be next' fear.

"We're booked a month in advance," said Mason. "I think everyone is just worried. When you hear about a crime happening to a person you know or your neighbor, it hits a little closer to home."

The rise in crime related worries has increased because now people can receive police alerts via text, or monitor area crime reports  on social media. Whether it is real data or just perception, these calls come flooding in and new alarm systems keep being installed.

The spikes in home break-ins rises during certain times of the year.

One is after people receive their tax returns, another boom comes right after the Super Bowl, all those new big screen TV's are very tempting and of course the holidays.

The uptick in the home security business is also related for a desire for a 'smart home' that can monitor a variety of things and can be checked on ones' phone or tablet. With this new feature analysts say that the home security and monitoring companies can plan on a 2.9 percent annual growth rate, that is $22.9 billion, until at least 2019.

Rising competition will keep incentives high and customers' monthly costs low. The average security system customer pays $30-$40 per month for service, plus installation fees. Add ons such as energy and water control features are available through most providers for an additional charge.

"Most criminals are not that smart; they're opportunists," said Lt. John Kosanke of the Grosse Point Police Department. "Make small changes to avoid becoming a victim. Turn on lights. Lock doors. Avoid leaving valuables out in your car or home. Install security systems if you wish. And if your home is equipped with a security system, make sure it is in working order. Some people have a 'It doesn't happen here' attitude until it occurs to someone they know down the street. We know with the downturn in the economy people were cutting back and may have canceled their alarm service. But now that things are on an upswing, I'm telling people if you have a system, use it."


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