DIY Home Security Defined


What is a DIY Home Security System?

Safety and security has always been an important consideration for home owners. If you're a home owner, you can now have more peace of mind with a (do-it-yourself) DIY home security system. Rather than paying an installation fee for a technician to visit and install the unit, customers receive the home security system and must install it themselves at no cost. These popular alarm systems offer a range of options, and are less expensive than ones that are professionally installed. Their popularity has increased greatly over the last few years, and they are now the number one choice among home security systems.

How to Install

Installation varies system to system but typically DIY home security systems are extremely easy to install. Most systems have adhesive strips on the back of each piece that allows customers to place them anywhere in their home. In addition, DIY systems make great use of magnets for quick installation on metal framed doors and windows.

Advantages of A DIY Home Security System

In many cases no tools are required when these security systems are being installed. Also, they are simple to install and set up. You don't have to pay more money, and wait longer for your system to be installed by a professional trained technician. They are also wireless. That saves you from the burden of having to drill holes.

The wireless technology provides additional advantages. It used to be that a burglar could get past a security system simply by knowing which wire to cut. Now it's not so easy. The components to a DIY home security system are individually battery powered, and send signals with radio waves. It's the main reason why these systems are so easy to install, and to uninstall if you decide to move to another place. Additional components to the security system can be added more easily. They are programmable, which allow you to have a range of options.


There are many different kinds of these home security systems available today. The prices are much lower than what it cost to have an alarm system professionally installed, and is dependent on the amount of equipment you buy.

  • They can alert you of an intruder.
  • They can also alert you when there's a fire, or when levels of carbon monoxide become too high in your home.
  • They can be set up to work with your smartphone. With the additional use of your smartphone and the right kind of software, you can control the settings of your DIY home security system even when you're miles away. You'll be able to know when someone is in your house. You'll also be able to unlock or lock the doors. You can even have the lights and television turn on or off so others won't know that no one is in the house.
  • The alarm systems can even send text messages to different phone numbers when something goes wrong, and allow you to watch activity that's on camera from your smartphone. In short, these popular new alarm systems put more control into your hands.


With these systems you can:

  • Save money
  • Have options
  • Take with you when you move
  • Have more security

They offer many advantages compared to professionally installed systems, and they also don't cost as much. The range of options they provide makes it even more difficult for a burglar to get past them undetected, while also providing you with more peace of mind.

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