Doorbot Greets Your Visitors


Talking to whoever is at your front door as if you are there (even if you are not) is one of the perks of the first generation product, Doorbot.

Ring, the re-branded Doorbot, introduces new redesigned hardware with more of a focus on home security and a design that will help it better fit in its surroundings.

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 4.55.37 PM"With the Ring doorbell, early on when were designing it, we decided what we were really doing was designing the alarm system literally turned inside out," said Jamie Siminoff, Ring founder and CEO. "Not an alarm system that copied what ABT is doing, what Canary is doing, or even what Dropcam was doing with its window and door systems, but actually building some kind of pre-crime system."

Ring can alert users to motion as soon as it's detected, in addition to recording video, alerting users to any potential crime before it even happens.

Two-way communication on the device works like a phone call which makes it easier to communicate with whoever's at the door. Whereas Doorbot was designed primarily as a doorbell, Ring is conceived of as a security measure first with the hardware design improving much also.

The main selling point for Ring is that it adds another layer of security to where a large portion of daytime crime happens, the front door.

One of the best preventive security measures is to appear your home even when you are not.

Over one million burglaries happen yearly in the U.S. during the day when no one is home, 80% of those crimes begin with the front door.


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