Eagle Eye Networks Releases Annual Video Surveillance Report

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Just yesterday Eagle announced that their first "Video Surveillance Report" would now be available to the public.
The report analyzed the responses of 250-500 IT professionals regarding topics like: video surveillance systems, cloud video surveillance, IT's role in video surveillance, and view of video surveillance system vulnerability.
Eagle Eye is becoming the one stop shop for industry announcements.
Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 2.59.54 PM"More than two-thirds of companies now plan to expand their use of video surveillance systems beyond security and into operations improvement," Dean Drako, President and CEO of Eagle Eye said. "Additionally, there is a deepening involvement of their IT personnel in many aspects of video surveillance activities."
Some of the findings that will be included in the report are: business plans for video surveillance, cloud surveillance, top drivers for cloud, top hurdles to cloud and top frustrations with current systems.
Below is the breakdown of each questioned topic:

Business Plans for Video Surveillance

  •  Video Surveillance usage plans: Protection versus Operations Improvement
  •  Video Surveillance operations improvement analytics expected to be deployed

Cloud Video Surveillance

  •  Video recording location preference: On-premise versus the Cloud
  •  Top drivers for cloud-managed Video Surveillance
  •  Top hurdles to cloud-based Video Surveillance system deployment
  •  Top frustrations with current Video Surveillance systems

IT Section

  •  Portion of IT folks now involved in Video Surveillance
  •  IT specific role/duties in Video Surveillance
  •  Video Surveillance system vulnerability to Cyber Attack
The results of each survey are available now.
The Eagle Eye Network is the first on-demand cloud based security and operations video management system that allows customers to have both cloud and home recording.

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