Essential Life Saving Skills 101

essential life saving

We often hear stories of people who save others lives when crazy stuff happens. The question is what do those heroes know that the rest of us don't? The answers are in the following:

Airline masks
  • When a situation arises that trigger the oxygen masks to "drop," put yours on before you assist, even if you're with a very young child or infirm elderly person.
Heart Attack and CPR
  • Press down into the victim's chest about two inches, compressing about 100 times/minute until help arrives.
  • Don't bother with the mouth-to-mouth part.
  • In a conscious person who's apparently having a heart attack, dial 9-1-1 first.
  • Give victim aspirin if they're over age 16 and not allergic to it.
  • Deliver with the heel of your hand five blows to the victim's back.
  • Stand behind victim, wrap arms around them and ask them to point to their bellybutton or find it for them.
  • Place thumb-side of one fist two inches above this point, firmly against their stomach; place other hand around fist.
  • Thrust upward the fist, simultaneously driving it upward with the other hand, into the victim's belly to expel the lodged item.
  • If the victim is near the land's edge, lie on ground and try to reach victim with anything that can extend to them if necessary. Otherwise, enter water, hold onto the ground edge and try to reach the victim.
  • Toss out a safety ring, loop or rope if you can't reach them.
  • Use a watercraft to reach them.
  • If the above is not possible, swim to the victim, hopefully with a flotation device. Bring along a rescue device such as a towel to tow the victim in.
  • Wash hands and wear gloves if available or cover hands with a clean plastic bag.
  • Have victim lie; cover with a blanket; elevate site of bleeding.
  • Remove superficial debris from the wound; don't touch deeply embedded debris as removal of such could increase bleeding and kill them.
  • With a clean cloth apply continuous pressure directly on wound for 20 minutes at least; do not peak to see if bleeding has stopped.
  • After 20 minutes if the bleeding hasn't clotted, put pressure on the artery. Arterial points are inside the arm just above elbow; just below armpit; just behind knee and in the groin. With fingers flat, squeeze the area (whichever is relevant to the wound's location) against the bone, while your other hand continues applying pressure to the wound.
  • Once bleeding has stopped leave bandages in place; immobilize the wounded body part.
  • Remove clothes and jewelry.
  • Run cold water over the burn for 10-20 minutes.
  • Do not apply ice, butter, food items, gels, etc.
  • With moist compress, cool the area.
  • Gently clean with tap water and mild soap.
Carrying a Heavy Person
  • Don't move an injured person unless you must relocate them to a safe spot.
  • With your left hand, take the victim's right wrist and raise their arm towards you to bring their arm over your shoulder. Crouch or kneel down, and wrap your right arm around their upper right leg. (The positioning can be reversed.)
  • Their midsection will then be against your shoulder.
  • Keeping erect, rise using your legs and hips. You can now walk with the victim slung over your shoulder.
  • Practice on smaller people.
Baby Delivery in a Car
  • Support the baby's head as it exits the birth canal.
  • Dry baby; keep it warm; do not slap it. Clear any fluid from its mouth.
  • With a shoelace or string, tie off the umbilical cord.
  • Cut the cord if you're several hours away from a hospital: Tie it again about two inches closer to the mother; cut between the knots.
  • These instructions apply if the baby is coming out feet first.

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