Finally, Home Security for Apartment Dwellers

Gone are the days when apartment living had to mean giving up on the safety and security features that used to be associated exclusively with home ownership. Technology and innovation have made it easy to install a security system in your apartment without commitments or fussing over installation.

The market for household security has shifted dramatically for houses and apartments alike thanks to several groundbreaking companies offering wireless, user-friendly security systems. These companies include SimpliSafe, FrontPoint, and Protection 1, all offering new technologies that depart from the traditional model of home security led by ADT.

These new security systems are offering DIY installation and month-to-month billing while operating completely wirelessly. This security model has major appeal for apartment dwellers:

  • No need to get approval from your landlord or apartment company
  • Bring the devices with you when you move
  • No requirement that you have a landline phone
  • No contract, cancel whenever you want

The New Home Security Companies

The service offered by FrontPoint Security is typical of the the new type of security system for apartments: installation is done by you in less than half an hour and consists of setting up a wireless base (like a router) and your sensors at doors and windows. The system monitors for break-ins as well as carbon monoxide and other hazards and can send you text messages and other kinds of alerts.

SimpliSafe offers a service very similar to FrontPoint at a lower price point with much of the same features. They offer a few plans with more or less monitoring and alert methods, such as an optional smartphone app.

Another security company, Protection 1, has an installation fee (total start-up cost begins at $99) but comes with some premium features like a touchscreen display. You can also coordinate their systems to work with your thermostat and control home lighting to save energy. Protection 1 also has an optional video camera system. They work with individual tenants as well as apartment building owners.

Appeal for Apartment Living

These security services have a lot of features that appeal to renters and homeowners. You can install wireless sensors on things like medicine drawers and liquor cabinets to help monitor a teenager's behavior, for instance. But the fact that these systems do not require a landline or any sort of invasive installation process makes them especially amenable to apartments.

The population has shifted toward rental housing and toward urban settings in recent years. More than previous decades, a great variety of people are living in apartments and the demand for all the same amenities as houses has increased greatly. Thanks to new technologies, homeownership no longer has a monopoly on the safety and security provided by home monitoring and alarm systems.

Barriers like installation costs and burdensome contracts have left apartment renters without the peace of mind of home security systems until now, and finally technology has caught up.  With so many financial and logistical reasons to be living in urban environments and in apartments in general, it's wonderful that not only is it possible, but it's essentially free and effortless, to obtain the full security of a home security system in your apartment.